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Business Management

Any type of business can use our cost-effective ERP-CRM system.  Our Warehouse, Orders, Inventory, Invoicing, Customers and Employees  management, Document storage, E-signature and much more will help you manage your business.  You will be able to check your business from anywhere and anytime using regular desktop, laptop, and any mobile devices.  If  your business needs some specific modules we can add it to your account.


Additionally to our ERP-CRM system we can set up Cloud Phones, SMS , Fax and Email server. We can port your existing numbers to our system. You will be able to use your regular phone devices, soft-phone in PC and mobile devices. Your business number will support SMS. You can send and receive SMS and Fax by built-in communication modules in ERP-CRM. Free (800) numbers are available. Advanced phone features are also supported .

Public your Business

For public visibility of your business you must have either regular or  e-commerce  website. Most companies rely on ERP solutions. We can create e-commerce website with the list of your products which will be effectively integrated with our ERP-CRM Explozive system.  You will be able to get orders  from the public site and to work with them in ERP-CRM Explozive account. Public website and ERP-CRM get located in different servers for security reason.

ERP-CRM screenshots sample

These  screenshots  can give you a possibility to go quickly through our ERP- CRM system.   The name of our system is Explozive ERP.

In order to get detailed information about our system you can view next pages:

View demo
You can send request  for FREE on-line presentation. Ask presentation.

Mobile Ready

You don’t need to install any application on your mobile devices.  Any phone or tablet is ready to work. Our ERP-CRM system use mobile devices not for the page navigation only: however, these devices can be used for scanning QR and Bar codes of the products, and for taking photos and coping the documents.
The ERP-CRM solution can support any mobile devices. The system can automatically change the page layout for  comfortable view depending on the device screen size.
ERP-CRM system was mostly tested with android devices.   For the best result, we recommend to install  Chrome  browser application.

  • Samsung Galaxy- 4, 5, 7, A5, Note8, 8, 8+
  • Nexus 4, 5, 6
  • LG G5, G6
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, A, S2, S3, E