VS Web Business LTD is headquartered in Toronto and offers its service in the USA and Canada. Since 2007 VS Web Business has been developing and  providing all sort of IT projects in various industries  that are considered reliable and priceless to our customers. We have designed the products for the companies of all sizes and delivered innovative solutions based on the industry-specific expertise. VS Web Business is always committed to providing the Clients with cost-effective and reliable support, therefore it allows our Client to function with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Sergei Svirid, Ph.D.,

Chief Architect & Founder of the VS Web Business LTD company.

Sergei Svirid is IT industry veteran with more than 20 years of progressive experience in web technologies.

He worked as a developer, an architect, and a project manager in multiple large e-Commerce projects in various industries: hospitality, real estate, financial services, etc..  He developed and conducted the Internet based training classes for students and client staff. His attention to detail and communication skills gained great respect among peers and clients.

Under his guidance and leadership the team of developers built a lot of Unique web projects in Real Estate, Hotel reservation, Financial management, Business Directories, and much more.

Other areas of expertise include the field of applied physics of metals (Ph.D. degree) with patents and scientific papers.

Its latest solutions CRM and ERP (Explozive) are different from others on the market today.  This Explozive ERP  includes a lot of functionality working together , like Customer, Warehouse, Supplier, Inventory manager,  Invoicing  and Billing portal, Project tracker and many more. Integrated  Fax, SMS and phone share his data with ERP.  QR Code  and Barcode help you to monitoring your warehouse and inventory.

“I hope you’re inspired to further automate your business in order to increase profits, gain market share, improve efficiencies and enhance relationships. Connect with us to start transforming information into real business results.”  Sergei Svirid.


OKSANA GRIYO TUKALO, Ph.D. in Information Technology,

Project manager & Programmer Lead

Margo has an extensive background in developing complex multifunctional web applications which are developed to automate the personnel performance directly related to technological operation and to simplify communications between the company and the customers outnumbered 100 000 +.

She also has a proven track record of driving all phases of web application development and design including such skills as: JS, PHP, ClojureScript, Elixir, Java/Java2EE; MVC, ORM, AJAX, JSON; HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, SEO.

Her broad project  management experience includes a track record of restructuring diverse businesses within consulting services, online financial payday loan websites, infrastructure services, and process outsourcing, with an emphasis on ensuring sustainable performance and structured development programs.

Her dedication to the daily duties is examplary. She has devoted her skills and knowledge to the Company since 2013.


Team of Developers

Our dedicated team of developers consists of mature skilled experts who has comprehensive experience in all stages of the software development life cycle process. Everybody shares the Company’s values. The team has worked on many successful projects in Canada’s fast growing companies.