Everything that you need for Start Up or Established Business

Custom Website

  • Mobile support

  • Nice template (you can select one)

  • Modify pages

  • Contact form

  • Google map

  • PlugIn for your services

  • Business domain name

  • E-mail address for your employees

    more …

Custom CRM

You can manage your customers, technology process, and many other things using your Enterprise CRM

  • Customer profile

    • google verification address
    • personal information
    • task system
    • message board
    • editable client statuses
    • photo identification (upload photo or use your web camera)
    • customer documents (Word, Excel, PDF, images)
      • upload documents
      • use documents camera (online)
      • use web camera  (online)
      • use mobile phone
    • technology process steps
    • different access levels
    • much more.
  • E-Sign

    • Customer account
    • Sign documents with e-sign (touchscreen support)
    • Archive documents
    • Convert to PDF
  • Built-in E-mail

    • incoming mails
    • outgoing logs
    • shared email accounts
    • Auto-set email to customers and employee
  • Built-in Fax

    • incoming fax
    • auto-set fax to customers
    • Send fax
  • SMS messenger

    • Send SMS to client
    • Get SMS
+  Custom features for your business

Invoicing CRM *

Business Phone Cloud

Your business phone can work everywhere if you have the Internet.

Use your phones in any city and country.

  • phone devices

    • standard analog phone (need adapter)
    • cell phone
    • softphone  for PC or Max
    • web phone
  • one or two incoming numbers from your location
  • free calls between employees (any city and country)
  • 3-line calls
  • answering mashine
  • group calls (for sales or support company)
  • overseas call  for low price
  • Fax service
    • send fax from web or by email
    • get fax to email

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Computers for your office

We can help you buy and install computers for your office (PC).   more …

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