Who can use it

First of all, there  is no restriction and/or limitation for any type of businesses to use our ERP-CRM system.With the help of ERP-CRM you will drastically decrease your operation time and absolutely get rid of downtime. Additionally we are able to  provide new custom modules developed especially for your company and integrate our ERP-CRM system exactly in to your business needs. No matter what kind of business your company is engaged in, the ERP-CRM system can fit them all.

A quick outlook on what the system can do

More detailed information about our ERP-CRM system you can find on our site or send us a request for DEMO. However, we can briefly to outline the main functions of the system. Our Documents module give our client possibility to manage the documents, to ensure visibility of the documents for different types of employee,  and consequently send the documents for e-signing. In addition it is an embedded function to share the document between employees. Any employee  (if allowed) can aslo send the documents to customer by secure link. The ERP-CRM system stores documents in secure cloud  with password protection, convert documents to PDF and print it. Therefore these features are absolutely perfect  for the companies which work with massive volume of documents.

As far as manufacturing company is concerned it can use our Work Orders,  Schedule of Using Equipment, Schedule of using technological processes for each work order and much more.

The other trading companies, suppliers or wholesalers  can have on-line order system to get new orders from his clients. Below we provide  a short list of businesses ( as an example) that can easily and cost-effectively  take advantage of the system:

  • Medical suppliers
  • Shoes Suppliers
  • Insurance  company
  • Food wholesaler
  • Orthopedic shoes stores
  • Ticket on-line
  • Food on-line
  • Paralegal  Services
  • Lawyer services
  • PayDay Loan & cheque cashing company