ERP CRM system is your gateway to successful business

Almost all companies want to increase sales and make their business the most successful in its area.  Therefore a fully integrated ERP CRM system, in turn, will provide business with integrated modules that include:  finance, order processing, human resourses, shipping and other service functions. By the way, US and Canada statistics explain this problem . In conclusion many companies spend a lot of time for OPERATIONS. How to get rid of this? So, to be SUCCESSFUL you have to upgrade your business process and spend more resourses for SALES & MARKETING by integrating ERP CRM system.

ERP CRM – integration solution

What does OPERATION stand for? Most noteworthy it includes ordering, invoicing, inventory, phone, fax and a lot of other processes that consume a lot of operational coordinations. Consequently, to decrease the time for operations and to focus extensively on Sales and Marketing, ERP CRM system will solve this issue.  Therefore ERP-CRM system can help you make your business successful and save time for sales and marketing.


To communicate with customers your business must have:

  • Flexible and powerful phone system
  • Stable and easy use mail system
  • Website about company and business services
  • Software to manage customers, documents and other
  • BackUp documents, email and customer data

In addition our professional managers will help you choose the best services for your company, depending on your requirements and budget. Due to this assistance you will save a lot of money, if you immediately choose the right services for your company.

To improve your income you have to do marketing of your services or products:

  • Send advertising (if your business target is residential customers)
  • Send mailing lists with information about your business
  • Use social media marketing (facebook, Twitter, other)
  • Use Google AdWords marketing
  • Start to do search engine optimization for your website
  • Use LinkIn and Alignable
  • Add your services to “Google My Business”
  • Add your services to “Yahoo Business”