CRM software consolidates customer information and documents into a single CRM database, so business users can more easily access and manage it. The other important functions of this software include recording various customer interactions (over email, phone calls, SMS, and Fax), automating various workflow processes such as tasks, calendars and alerts, and giving managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.

Our program can be used for any business and even for monitoring production processes.  (Sales, Financial, Real Estate, Services, Spa, Metallurgical Technologies, and other)

We will modify and integrate our CRM into your requirements and processes.  Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Our managers will offer you a convenient and easily used architecture for your CRM.

What you can to get


  • task reminder
  • different windows for easy navigation
  • today clients list
  • client account monitoring
  • customizable dashboard


  • different  roles
  • unlimited groups
  • unlimited teams
  • auto e-mail and IP phone setting
  • secure key for addition protection
  • import an export
  • re-assign clients

Client profile

  • support client and co-client data
  • set statuses
  • set services types
  • add comment to each service type
  • generate documents on fly
  • send documents to client account
  • e-sign documents by clients and office employees
  • set task for client
  • set warning message
  • message board with different categories
  • e-mail, Fax, SMS, statues and other history
  • send e-mail, SMS, or Fax from client profile

Documents Builder

  • build document templates with active values

    Payment Portal. Summary page

  • edit existing template
  • add logo and images in document
  • document groups
  • PDF converter
  • parsing documents

Documents Manager

  • view documents in file tree
  • default folders in tree
  • create, rename and delete folders
  • upload documents, drop uploader
  • webcam for documents
  • move, copy, delete, rename document files
  • shared documents
  • view original documents


  • task list, search by status, employee, date, and other
  • today task
  • create task for employee groups
  • modify tasks, update task status
  • assign task to clients

Phone Portal

  • manage phone extension
  • view phone calls history
  • create phone campaign
  • manage answering system
  • manage group calls,forwarding, conference call and much more

    Phone calls manager

  • support standard phone, IP phone, Mobile phone and softphone devices.
  • transfer existing phone numbers

Fax Portal

  • incoming faxes
  • outgoing faxes
  • fax reception manager
  • send fax from CRM
  • send fax from e-mail
  • get fax to e-mail
  • fax builder

SMS portal

  • incoming SMS
  • send SMS  from CRM
  • get SMS to e-mail
  • forward SMS to any mobile phone

Client reminder

Create event schedule for sending email, SMS, create task or doing some action for each client, depends of client status.

  • automated send SMS
  • automated send email
  • automated create new task
  • automated doing some action

Payment portal

  • create invoices, with logo
  • invoice list
  • categories, groups and campaign



Advance customization

Tracking technological processes

  • worker  account
    • mobile phone support
    • tablet support
    • PC support
  • step by step monitoring system
    • QR code identification
    • video monitoring
    • step comments
    • step parameters
      • temperature
      • pressure
      • other
  • client account
    • upload documentation
    • make internal calls
    • view steps of technological processes
    • view worker and admin comments
    • invoicing  portal
      • view invoices
      • pay invoices


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