E-commerce and ERP active juction

Our ERP Explozive system can be integrated in to your public site.  This site also can be visible for all your potential customers in Search Engines.However the client’s public site will not be located on the same server with the ERP account due to security reason of your data. Consequently the company can located  the sites on different servers. It gives any company an excellent opportunity to exhibit the products on the site. As a result such site can serve as e-commerce platform. And the customer is able to  make any order right from the public site without calling or emailng the seller.

Of course some problems may arise with the site during the regular course of the business. In this case we can delete the public site and restore it within 10-15 min with the help of our SSL API system. In this case if your site crashed for some reason you can be sure that you will not loose all important and vital data such as orders, payments, customers, invoices, history etc. Consequently ERP Explozive company will restore all this data from your ERP-Explozive account located on a different server. You can use your public site for various purposes, such as to demonstrate the catalog of your products or services. Alternatevily you can arrange on line sales by using such e-commerce site.For creation of such  public site we use the favourable combination of WordPress Website builder + WooCommerce shopping card.


  • All this software is going to be Free for you (standard)
  • You сan select any design and layout of your e-commerce site as you wish from thousands templates
  • By adding Plug-Ins for WordPress and WooCommerce you can modify your site to your demands without spending money for modification.