Data synchronization and functional integration

Can I  move my existing data to ERP-CRM?

Yes.   You have to contact our support team.  Our experts will find the best way how to import your data to our ERP system.

Can I export all my data from ERP-CRM?

Yes.  Our support team will export all necessary data for you  from our system and send it to you in Excel (csv) or json format.

Can I have my own modules?

Yes.  Our ERP-CRM system supports any customization.  You can consult with our manager  to find the best way to add your new functionality to our system.

May I install and setup this CRM system in my own server?

Yes.  You have to select our Lease to Own Plan.

Can I synchronize my existing e-commerce website with your ERP-CRM system?

Yes. Our ERP-CRM can synchronize data with WooCommerce shopping cart. All products and orders can be moved between your ERP account and WooCommerce.

For any other e-commerce system  our programmer team can create your own synchronization module.

Phone, SMS and Email

Can I have  phone numbers for my business phones and SMS?

Yes. We use VOIP telephony  for Business Phones, SMS and Fax.   You can order new phone numbers or use existing ones. Our phone system includes all necessary features for any type of business, see detail.  You can use regular phone devices, mobile devices and softphone (PC or laptop)  for your internal phone system.

How can I activate SMS in my account?

To activate SMS in your account you must have  phone number with SMS support.  Usually 90% of phone numbers in US and Canada support SMS.

You can check your existing business phone number for this function by contacting our support team or you can order new phone number.   Your new number can be used for regular phone and SMS.  We can import your existing number to our system.

How much does a new number cost?

A new number costs $2 USD per month. Porting existing number costs $15 USD and it is only one time fee. One SMS costs 2-3 cents depending on your plan.

Can I send SMS to my customers from my ERP-CRM  account?

Yes.  You can use built-in SMS module.

Can I get incoming SMS?

Yes.  You can check all incoming SMS on SMS list. All SMS from your customers get automatically  attached to the customers’ account.

Additionally you can get SMS to your e-mail or forward it to your personal mobile phone.

Can I send image by SMS?

NO.  Our SMS modul do not support MMS.  But, our ERP-CRM, can generate web template with image or document and send link to it by SMS.

Can I select and send the list of products to my customers?

Yes. You can add any product from Product List to Buffer and create the list of products and then send this list to customer’s phone by SMS or email as a link.

Can I change  layout  of  page with products, which I send to customer?

Yes. Using our Document section you can modify this template.

Mobile devices

Why do I need mobile devices?

Mobile devices is optional. But we recommend you to use it for managing your warehouse, work orders and much more.

Our ERP-CRM system can generate and print unique QR or Bar code for your Products, Shelves, Orders, Invoices, Documents . Using mobile device you can scan this QR code and find product, order, invoice in one second. By scanning shelf QR code you can see product list which is located on this shelf.   Using mobile device you can fast and easy add images to product, work order  and documents.  You do not need to use regular camera or scanner and upload images from PC.

Which mobile devices  can I use?

You can use any mobile phones and tablets. We tested our system in Android devices, because these phones and tablets are not expensive and meets all necessary requirements.

Sales Orders

How can I add product to a new order?

You can use 3 ways to add products to order.

  • Manually. Using auto search  by product name or ID
  • From Product list by clicking link “Add to Order”
  • From e-commerce website (custom)

Can I control real stock of each product in sales order?

Yes. Before adding product to order you can view real stock  quantity of this product in your warehouse.

Can I have  backorder?

Yes.   If  you need to modify BASE order  and move the item to backorder. For this purpose  you can create backorder.  It is the same like in BASE order you can control stock of each product.

Can I create  backorder from backorder?

Yes. You can create unlimited backorders.

Can I change delivery date?

Yes. You can modify delivery date for BASE order and for any backorder.

What sales order status  can I see?

Our ERP-CRM system  automatically sets up order status.

  • New – new order, which does not have any updates
  • Process – employee are working with this order
  • Packing  – order is sent to warehouse for packing
  • Packed – order got packed and ready for  shipping
  • Closed – order got packed and ready for  shipping, but client did not pay for it.
  • Completed – order got paid and shipped.

Can I create Invoice for my order?

Yes.  You can generate invoice from BASE or any backorder by clicking just one button. You can send this invoice to customer by Fax, email or SMS.