How do I use Three-Way Calling?

Three Way Calling allows you to connect a phone call with two different parties; allowing all parties to talk with each other. To make a Three Way call:

  1. Dial the first number
  2. When connected, press your phone’s flash or hook button
  3. Dial the second number
  4. When connected, press your phone’s flash or hook button
  5. All parties will now be able to talk with each other

How do I use the Three-way Calling Feature?

Three-Way calling allows you to perform a conference call that can be initiated from your hand held telephone.

Three-Way calling is controlled from your telephone.

Using Three-Way calling from your Telephone

  1. Place your original call
  2. Once you have the party on the phone, press your Flash or Hook button
  3. Once you hear the dial tone, dial the second party
  4. When the second call starts to ring press your Flash or Hook button to conference the calls together

How to use the  Voicemail?

You can access your voicemail from our control panel or directly from phone

  • *97 (Asterisk 97) is used to access directly the Mailbox associated to the account you are dialing from. If you would like to check which mailbox is associated to your account refer to Assign Voicemail
  • *98 (Asterisk 98) is used to access your Voicemail and choose one of your Mailbox accounts. (Will prompt for Mailbox ID and Password)

If for any reason you do not have access to our VoIP network, you can check your Voicemail by just dialing your DID. Once the Voicemail system answers your call, press the asterisk key (*). You will be prompted for the Mailbox ID (or hear the mailbox automatically selected, depending on the server you are using) and Password, once logged in to your Voicemail, press 0 (zero) for options. You can also record your greeting from there by selecting option 4 (four). Please be aware this is considered a regular incoming call and will be charged according to your monthly DID plan.

How do I block my Caller ID information from being displayed?

There are certain times where you may wish to block your Caller ID information from being sent to the receiving phone. To block your Caller ID information:

  1. Pick up your phone as normal
  2. Dial *67, a brief announcement will confirm that your caller id has been disabled
  3. Dial your recipient’s phone number

Note: This method blocks your Caller ID information from being sent only for the current phone call. The next call you make will send your Caller ID information as it would normally.

How do I use Call Return?

Did you miss an important call? Call Return helps you get in touch with the last person who called you, whether or not you were able to answer the call. Call Return is automatically enabled on your account. It doesn’t need to be turned on and cannot be disabled.

Call Return works from your telephone

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *69.
  2. You’ll be automatically connected to the person who called you last.

How does Call Waiting work?

Call Waiting allows you to be notified when someone is trying to call you while you are on the phone. Call Waiting sounds a “beep” when a second party is calling and allows you to alternate between the calls; almost like having a second phone line. And since VoIP includes Call Waiting Caller ID, the second caller’s phone number will be displayed on your compatible phone.

To switch between calls:

  1. When a beep tone alerts you to a second call, press your Flash or Hook button
  2. To switch to the original call, press your Flash or Hook button