Who can use it

Our ALL-IN-CRM (ERP-CRM) system is available for all types of businesses without any restrictions or limitations. By using our system, you can significantly reduce your operational time and eliminate downtime. We also offer customized modules that can be developed to meet the specific needs of your company. Our ERP-CRM system is adaptable to any kind of business, making it suitable for everyone.

A quick outlook on what the system can do

For a quick overview of the system’s capabilities, please visit our website or request a demo. Here’s a brief summary of the main features of the system. Our Documents module enables our clients to manage their documents, ensure visibility of the documents for different employees, and even send documents for e-signing. The system also allows employees to share documents with each other, and send them to customers using a secure link. The ERP-CRM system stores documents in a secure cloud with password protection, converts them to PDF format, and allows for printing. These features are ideal for companies dealing with a high volume of documents.

For manufacturing companies, our system includes Work Orders, Schedule of Using Equipment, Schedule of using technological processes for each work order, and more.

Trading companies, suppliers, and wholesalers can use our online ordering system to receive new orders from their clients. Here are some examples of businesses that can easily and cost-effectively take advantage of our system: [AI]

  • Warehouse companies
  • Wholesale companies
  • Vendors
  • Manufacture
  • Medical suppliers
  • Shoe Suppliers
  • Insurance  company
  • Food wholesaler
  • Orthopedic shoe stores
  • Ticket on-line
  • Food on-line
  • Paralegal  Services
  • Lawyer services
  • Payday Loan & cheque cashing company
  • Call center
  • other